Summerland Senior Living

This senior living home in Chino, CA includes a total of 127,451 sq ft and 109 units for housing the elderly. It is superbly built to fit the needs of the elderly and has many amenities for them.

Welbrook Senior Living

AQX provided structural engineering services on shoring (about 35′ tall), concrete podiums, retaining walls (about 24′ tall), and light gauge steel framing for the upper four stories on this senior living home in Los Angeles.

Walnut Square HOA Maintenance

Walnut Square HOA has 73 townhome buildings with 4 units for each buildings. AQX provides full services (architectural design. structural engineering and construction management) on this HOA maintenance project, which contains repair of termite damage wood framing on exposed beams and exterior walls, replacement of existing sidings with Hardi sidings, painting on facia boards at eave. Specifically AQX helped HOA secure building permit from city, check framing conditions, observe all work done by contractors, review contracts and change orders from contractors, monitor constructions process and schedule, prepare reports to HOA for any issues during construction. This project will be done in two years.

The Wave Resort at the Strand, Dana Point

The Wave Resort is a 65-beds luxury hotel with ocean view. It contains two levels of underground parking concrete structures with two stories of wood structures above podium deck. We also provide temporary shoring systems design on three sides, one of which has 30′ tall mountains for shoring.

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