Jet Fuel Farm for SOFIA, NASA Armstrong Aircraft Operation Facility, Palmdale, 2014

Three aviation fuel tanks needed to be installed a key infrastructure to support SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) and other NASA science missions at the Armstrong Aircraft Operations Facility, Palmdale, California.
AQX provided structural design services for the three 60’ long fuel tanks with 280 kips for each, involving a deep foundation with two caissons at each end of the tank to minimize disturbances at existing 12” thick mat, and a seismic anchorage of saddles for the tank over new grade beams. The connection details prepared by AQX were uniquely created to allow the tanks to be relocated in the future. Engineering support during the tank construction was also provided by AQX including RFI responses, site visits, and working with the contractor and NASA engineers to resolve issues.

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