Food Waste Biogas Plant in NC

AQX provided structural engineering services on the 5.4 MW biogas treatment plant including centrifuge building housing three centrifuges and a separate electrical room, slurry tank with chopper pumps and depacking platform for 400 ton/day food waste receiving building. The project included a footing design and seismic anchorage for a new depacking system, dissolved air flotation system, and blower container that house 4-300 HP high speed blower, as well as providing services during construction including responding to RFI’s and providing reviews of shop drawings.

Solar Assisted Apartment in Hawaii

Steel prefabricated building system designed by Paolo Volpis for a local developer with specific requirements for a Termite Proof / Fire Resistant Building System. The all steel building components will ensure generations of safe and pesticide free enjoyment. Steel is free of Mold and bacteria and will never need to be treated for Termite Damage. Solar Panel framing system covers the roof deck while allowing light through transparent solar panels. Canvas shade sails provide protection from sun with an architectural nod to the neighboring Kahului Harbor.

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